Burger Emoji Discussion Has Begun The War Between Burger Giants in India

Burger Emoji War India

Did you ever think that even the emoji available in your mobile phones can become the reason of war between giant companies of the world? Even the companies who were busy in managing their routine branding and operational activities had to turn their faces after one innocent tweet thrown by Thomas Baekdal! The Burger Emoji War has now taken many turns and twists which is interesting to see where will it go!

On 28 October 2017, Thomas Baekdal (Author, Professional Writer, Magazine Publisher, and Media Analyst) tweeted about the difference in Burger Emojis between Apple and Google (Android). The tweet became viral in next couple of days and got many retweets and comments. It has stirred the burger war on Social Media.


This tweet has divided the opinion of the people in different directions! There are those who think that the Apple’s burger emoji is well designed and it has shown all the ingredients in the correct order. Some say Google Android has all the ingredients in the order.

This was not enough for burger giants McDonald’s and KFC. They took it personally because they felt that this is the chance to impress people with their choice of burgers! McDonald’s India initiated the war by tweeting a video defining the correct order of burger ingredient.


But KFC had some other ideas and it digs into the debate as well on twitter! This time, it was not just a tweet but it was a reply to McDonald’s tweet.

KFC India tweeted this on 31st October and McDonald’s India was quick too to respond with a tweet. See their reply in the tweet.

While these two were increasing the heat, Burger King India digs into the war with the tweet from their side! And this single line tweet was the winner from my side!

Meanwhile, Google CEO Sundar Pichai says he will take a day off just to settle down the burger ingredient order in Google emoji! Though it looked like a joke in the war still many media houses slammed him for this tweet.


Emojipedia took this as a challenge and floated all the burger emojis used in different devices and platforms in their tweet.

After 2 days, the war has paused for the while but it would be interesting to see how this war unfolds in coming days (or this is a ceasefire from all the sides!). But this war was worth following on Twitter and now everyone will start believing that even an emoji can start the war!!

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