McDonald’s and Burger King Famous Rivalry is Now in Surat

McDonald's and Burger King in Surat

Surat is the city known for love for food by Surtis. In last decade, the taste buds of  Surtis has changed and now more multi national food chains are opening their outlets in this city of Gujarat. While Dunkin’ Donuts entered the Surat market on 7 November 2015, people accepted this global chain of donuts and fast food wholeheartedly. This year, Burger King started its outlet in one of the malls in the city and it reminded me the famous old rivalry of two burger giants of the world. But wait, the rivalry was about to take a break for a day at least! Yes, it was in 2015!!

A video was floated by Burger King in 2015 to settle down the burger war with McDonald’s for one day. The giant burger company  declared 15 September as a “Peace one Day”. Jermy Gilly, founder of Peace one Day announced the concept of McWhopper – a combined burger of McDonald’s and Burger King.

On a website dedicated to the idea, Burger King said: “Let’s end the beef, with beef. If [McDonald’s] chooses not to participate, no harm done – after all, peace isn’t always easy to achieve. Should they say yes, burger fans will get to experience the culinary mash-up of a lifetime and walk away inspired by the mouth-watering taste of peace.” The limited edition burger would be available in a co-branded pop-up restaurant in Atlanta, the mid-way point between McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago and Burger King HQ in Miami. However, customers wouldn’t pay for their McWhopper with cash. Instead, they would be asked to sign a tray mat declaring who they will make peace with, under the hashtag #settlethebeef.


Burger King and McDonald's in surat

settle the beef by Burger King

McDonald’s frosty Facebook response- Not Lovin‘ It

But it seems the burger giant was less keen on mixing its ingredients with its rival fast food joint. Steve Easterbrook, then chief executive of McDonald’s, replied to Burger King’s bid with a Facebook post. He said the two brands “could do something bigger to make a difference” and questioned Burger King’s choice to compare their business rivalry to “the unequaled circumstances of the real pain and suffering of war”.

McDonald's reply to Burger King
McDonald’s reply to Burger King

The response has not gone down well on Facebook, with many fans criticizing the frosty and passive aggressive tone. (See screenshot of top responses below).

Facebook comment for McDonald's
Facebook comment for McDonald’s

Following the high profile rejection from McDonald’s, a group of chains including Denny’s, Krystal, Wayback Burgers, and Giraffas came forward to take up Burger King’s idea of a mash-up burger for World Peace Day. After McDonald’s turned down the proposal, Burger King said that an “incredible thing” came from the rejection, which was “a significant number of unexpected responses from other restaurants, large and small.”

7 8 9 10


Well, McDonald’s did not accept the proposal of Burger King. But now when both old rivals are operating in the same mall, on the same floor opposite to each other, it will be a great to see what people or Surat prefers to eat and where!

McDonald's surat

burger king in surat

As it all comes to the good marketing campaigns by both the burger giants, operating from the same mall in Surat makes the rivalry interesting to see now! I am though, least concern about their rivalry but surely I will enjoy the burgers from both the outlets!

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