Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish Has Brought New Era In Gujarati Movie Industry

je pan kahish e sachuj kahish

Just before a decade, Gujarati movies were synonym of village and dhotiya-kediya. When you watch the Gujarati movie today, your perceptions must be different. The way this industry has evolved, you can see the essence of urbanization fulfilling the need of youth. The industry became stagnant due to same genre movies which made people think in the same direction – “Does Gujarati cinema only understand comedy genre?” Well, not really after you watch the trailer of Naitik Raval directed movie Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish!

When Naitik directed “Chaar” in 2011, he made a mark in this industry by the name of a director who dare to think different. In 2016, he along with the producer of the movie, Rohan Shah, decided to make a suspense thriller movie. When the first motion poster of the movie was released last month, people were surprised totally and some remarkable reviews where collected from different parts of the country. Although the stupendous feedback kept flowing with the release of second motion poster, official poster and trailer.

Reviews of Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish
Reviews of Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish

The lead actors of the movie Gaurav Paswala and Sneha Devganiya have worked so hard to bring the real characters of Dhaval and Liza out on the screen. To bring out the character of Dhaval, Gaurav worked meticulously with Naitik Raval – director of the movie. “Naitik and I share a special bond. I know him from last one and half years and we have developed very strong chemistry in the short span. We understand each other’s concern without speaking a word.” – says Gaurav. Sneha who is playing the role of Liza is from Surat too and has made everyone surprise with her bold look in the movie. “The movie is different than the current ongoing comedy trend in the industry. You will love watching the movie after watching the trailer.” – says Sneha.

The movie is releasing just before Diwali on 14th October worldwide. “We have not made this film for any profit. We just wanted to make a good movie” – says Naitik. When the team declared to donate some portion of the profit of movie to Army Welfare Fund, even the past army people hailed the announcement. It shows that team of the movie is really looking forward to make their mark not only in the industry but also they want to contribute in the defense system of this country.

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If you are an avid movie lover and love watching Gujarati movie, this one is for you! Do not miss to book your tickets for first day show. The movie is releasing on 14th October, Friday. Do watch and give us your review right here at the bottom in the comments section. And do remember, do not lie because, Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish!

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