Google Introduces Green Colour “Ad” Label Globally Including India

In April 2015 Google rolled out green colour “Ad” label in some of the countries next to the ad result link. Now in June 2016, Google has rolled out the same green colour “Ad” label globally, including India.

According to the Google spokesperson, they keep experimenting with the green colour ad label from last few months and they wanted to make their result page easy to use. On the basis of positive response from the users, they decided to go with it finally.

Desktop search result of Google Ad

While the display URL comes in the green colour too, one can easily differentiate paid search result from the organic search result. It is also expected that users may ignore green Ad label while they look for the result and may click on the paid search result assuming it as an organic result only. There may be the chance that user consider the green Ad label the part of the URL only.

Google is keeping the demarcation of paid advertisement very clear compare to its counterpart Bing and Yahoo’s “Sponsored” label . While it is not so clearly demarcated in Bing, Yahoo or in that case Facebook ads and Twitter ads, the green Ad label colour still looks catchy and easy to identify the paid search result.

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