How To Write Content On Social Media For Indian Customers

Writing content for social media marketing

Writing the content for social media is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes you ended up writing a short essay instead of web content which engages the user with your social media profile or page. Content is the king in Digital Marketing and King has to be the best! Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, the written content on such social networking sites drives traffic to your website which ultimately create the sales conversions.

Consider the Indian Psychology when you writ on social media:

Indian mentality and behaviour of the consumers is much different than the consumers of USA and Europe. Understanding the persona of Indian consumers is the most important task before you start writing the social media content. Here you need to consider few points before you start writing.

  • Segmenting the market: Clear out with the market segmentation which you really want to focus upon. The demographic, geographic or behavioristic segmentation will give you an idea where your customers are lying.
  • Targeting: Once you are done with your segmentation, prepare the plan to target them as per the requirement to tap them. Every segment need different type of treatment to attract and hence you need to attract them with your different words.
  • Buying stage: You need to understand one fact that not all the people connected with you on your social media are on the same buying stage. Some may be your customers already and some may be still thinking to buy it for their need. understand their buying stage and write compelling content accordingly.
  • Not selling every time: If your content is moving around the selling objective only then surely you are making your users bore. Don’t push it hard to sell your products whenever your write something on social media. Though Indian mentality is looking for good offers every time, your user is not on the ready-to-buy stage all the times!

Understanding little things about your target audience can surely help you write best content on social media. After all, social media is for engagement!

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Bhautik Sheth
Bhautik is the founder of iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services. He is a digital marketing trainer and practitioner. He has trained many people for digital marketing and he provides his expert consultation to many organizations. He loves fun and he always motivates his team members to do their best.

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