9 Golden Rules to Follow on Social Media to Find Dream Job

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Since the internet has penetrated in the Indian market, the organizations of different size and scale have made it one of the most important resource to find the eligible candidates for the jobs. The job seekers cannot stick to the old pattern to find the job of their interest. Social Media has changed the way recruiters are finding suitable candidates and in the last decade or so, they are doing it successfully. There are some rules to follow on social media to find a dream job.

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In early 2000s, portals like naukri.com was introduced and since then, businesses realized how easy it was to get connected with right kind of candidates. Geography was no more boundary for the recruiters to get the details of the candidates living in different parts of the country. With introduction of other such portals like timesjobs, indeed, monsterindia etc., the job seekers are now having more options and opportunities to get noticed by the recruiters. Today, HR of any company is not heavily relying on placement agencies, newspaper ads or other traditional methods of recruitment. As recruitment is all about creating the pool of eligible candidates, internet has become great savior for HR personnel in India as it helps in making great pool of such eligible candidates.

The role of recruitment portals has evolved in the last couple of years as they have introduced certain other important services that help in the selection process. The tools like a psychometric test, skills identification test, technical know-how test etc. are helping the recruiters in further selecting the right candidates.

How Social Media can help in finding dream job?

In the era of social media, the businesses and job seekers have started relying heavily to connect with each other. Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter have become the rich source of information to connect with right talent. LinkedIn, in specific, is world’s first social networking site for the professionals. The features of this SNS are developed keeping in mind the utility of both, recruiters and candidates.

9 Golden Rules to follow on Social Media:

  1. Create strong profile on social media
  2. Create and share the professional content
  3. Manage work-life balance on social media posts
  4. Do not exaggerate.
  5. Connect with industry thought leaders and HR professionals
  6. Read the industry focused blogs
  7. Put your point forward to industry leaders
  8. Be consistent in posting
  9. Highlight your professional achievements regularly

Social Media is not a curse if used properly. There are many opportunities for job seekers who are looking for jobs like accounting, Hr or digital marketing. Start leveraging this powerful platform to get the dream job.

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