5 Sources of Keywords To Optimize Your Website You Should Know

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Struggling with the ranking of your website on Google and Bing? Have you ever focused on the use of keywords while writing content for your website? You might have heard about “meta keywords” so many times but this word can mislead you. When you think for the keywords, you must think keywords used across the website and hence it is very important to create the list of different keywords just before your start writing content for your website. Here are 5 sources of keywords for your reference:

1) Google Suggestion: Use the suggested keywords by Google when you search for any particular product or service. These keywords has high search value.

2) Keyword Planner tool: Like other third party keyword planner tools, Google’s keyword planner tool is the best available option.

3) Your competitor’s website: Study the website of your competitor’s which is coming on the top of the SERP. You can refer the keywords from that website.

4) Your customers: Ask your customers what kind of queries do they use when they search of Google.

5) Your own product and industry knowledge: Use your own knowledge and experience to define good list of keywords.

It is always a better option to hire a digital marketing consultant to take out your

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