6 Google Tools Every Marketer Must Use For Digital Marketing

Google tools

Google is one of the most familiar names for every netizen but still, while we are talking about marketing, many marketers are not using Google for marketing for the benefit of the business. Google is not only a search engine that helps you to bring your website on the top of the result page but basically, it works best if paired with some of the search engine friendly Google products. You, as a marketer must use at least these 6 Google tools for marketing.

1. Google Trends: I prefer this tool on the top of the list because it gives the insight of the search queries which is used on Google search engine. So what if you are struggling to find the correct keywords for SEO, almost every marketer faces this problem to identify the exact keywords. You can take the advantage of Google Trends which helps in identifying the “trend” of the keywords related to your website.

Google trend for search query

2. Google Mobile-Friendly Test: Having a website is a necessity of a business and having a mobile-friendly website is the necessity for your presence on Google search result. In 2015, Google declared that if your mobile is not mobile-friendly, it can affect your search result severely. Since every organisation is talking about owning a website and making a Facebook page for social media marketing, most of them ignore the importance of a mobile-friendly website. You can take help from Google mobile-friendly tool which is free!

Open the tool from here. In the tool, enter the URL of your website and click on ‘Run test’.

Google mobile-friendly test

If your website is not mobile-friendly first work on it to fix the issues. Don’t waste a single minute in any other digital marketing activity. Google shows the result as shown below.

Mobile-friendly test result

3. Google My Business: If you are a local business and not focusing on the local search engine result then you need to check your SEO planning once again. Register your business on Google My Business even before you think to start doing the SEO. There is no surety of more footfalls to your business but at least it increases the awareness of your business.

Google my business result for iVIPANAN digital marketing services

This result will not come overnight but when it comes, it shows your ratings on Google and also Facebook ratings. Your latest posts will be displayed as well.

4. Google Alerts: One of the oldest tool and most useful as well. You can set alerts for few things here. (1) Setting alerts for your top keywords. Make sure you set for long tail keywords and (2) Setting alerts for your top 3 competitors.

The Google Alerts also sends you the daily mail to keep you updated with what is happening on the internet with google search result. Keep an eye on your most frequent alert text and make changes in your strategy accordingly.

Google Alerts

5. Google Analytics and Search Console: Your SEO is incomplete without Google Analytics and Search Console. These two tools of Google are arguably best for the use of analysis of your website’s health and performance. Which keywords are doing good, from where you are getting the quality inbound links, what is the bounce rate of your website, the demographics of your website traffic etc. are the crucial information you need to analyse before planning for further activities on your website. It really helps in optimising your website and one can not think of doing SEO without considering these two tools.


6. Google AdWords: SEO has its own flavor of getting the traffic but it’s all organic. You have to include Google AdWords in your digital marketing plan. Ads have the power which SEO can not generate and well-structured campaigns give good results too. Define the objective of your campaign and select which type of campaign you want to use for your ad. Dedicate some budget for the ads and integrate your campaign with SEO results.

So, what is your take on these tools of Google? I will share other tools as well in a future blog and surely write a separate blog on Google analytics and search console. Your digital marketing strategy must help you to grow your business and the right tools can only help you in achieving your output.

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Bhautik Sheth
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