6 Things Every Business Professional Must Learn From Mari Smith

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Who is Mari Smith? This must be the most stupid question if your are going to ask any social media marketing enthusiast in the world and I am one of them! Popular as a ‘Facebook Queen‘, she is a renowned social media thought leader and argumentally, world’s best Facebook expert! For 4 successive years, Mari was named one of the top ten social media power influencers. She is author of The New Relationship Marketing and coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day. 

Though there is no end of her introduction, I am writing this to explore those things which makes her different than the others active in the same field of work. She is a role model for many business professionals and of course, for women entrepreneurs. Here are 6 things every business professional must learn from her.


1. Industry Thought Leader: Working in the field which interests you most and working with the passion are two different things. Mari taught many business professionals to come out as an industry thought leader. Yes, you need to work hard to get your name among the ‘best’ in the industry but that’s the way she works. If you are not there at the top in your industry, you are just another person working and following others.

2. Smile, smile and smile: How often you smile when you are with your clients or presenting a long seminar in the front of hundreds of people and add some webinars too! Business people knows it is not so easy to stay calm, cool and smiling every time you are either meeting people of facing the camera. Mari does it best! She smiles like she is born to smile (and sometimes laugh!) and she makes the things so easy for others to understand, even in her webinars.

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3. Dress like Fashionista: Over the period of time, Mari has dressed herself so beautifully and she definitely knows what looks good on her and which color suits her skin tone. Though fond of blue color initially, she has come out in different public appearances with other bright colors to give a different look. And she does it very best! As a women business professional if your are looking for some role model (dressing), she is the one!

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4. Keep yourself updated: Social Media marketing is one field where keeping yourself updated is so important and she does it on regular basis. It’s not so easy to keep your eye on ever changing world of social media but still she keeps herself updated with all the updates (not only from Facebook but for other social networking sites as well). Like her, every business professional must update him/herself with the industry’s updates.

5. Share your knowledge: And she does it each and every day without fail! It is said that your knowledge increases by sharing it with others and that might be the secret behind her knowledge! She uses every mean of sharing knowledge to empower others (that’s too free!). She writes blogs, posts on Facebook (and other social media sites), publishes her short videos, conduct webinars, conduct seminars and many other things. Many of her such events are free and she literally pours in with whatever knowledge she posses.

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6. Communicate with your fans and followers: Do you find some time to communicate (personally on any possible media) with your fans and followers? Many times business professional don’t find time to communicate with their old customers even. Mari makes it very personal and she communicates with her fans and followers on all possible media she represents. And she not only communicates, she replies till the other person is not satisfied! That really makes her queen (not of facebook only!).

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So start learning from her and come out as a person to whom other wants to follow! And yes, you can sure wish her happy birthday on 12th August!

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