Why a Company Must Have LinkedIn Showcase Page

linkedin showcase page

LinkedIn is most underrated social media by the businesses in India. While every small and large scale companies have a Facebook page, most of them do not have a page on LinkedIn. The businesses that are using LinkedIn page, do not strategically use it. Along with LinkedIn Company page, a business now must have LinkedIn Showcase Page too. There are many reasons to keep another page along with normal routine company page on LinkedIn.

Mainly LinkedIn Showcase page is designed for the events, that too, recurring events. Showcase Pages let you extend your Company Page presence to additional aspects of your business, and offer many of the same features as Company Pages. You can create Showcase Pages for aspects of your business with their own messages and audience segments to share with. It makes sense to create a Showcase Page when you want to represent a brand, business unit, or company initiative. These pages are intended to develop a long-term relationship with a specific audience and do not make sense for short-term marketing campaigns.

LinedIn showcase page

So what does it mean? Well, LinkedIn introduced this feature to engage the specific audience with your content. So if you have a major, recurring event that has a unique following, then a Showcase Page would be beneficial. If you have a one-time event, then you can use the paid ads offered by LinkedIn. You can not migrate your existing company page to the showcase page. A showcase page can only be associated with one company page and not with the multiple pages.

As with a Company Page, you can share ‘Company Updates’ and ‘Sponsored Content’ with LinkedIn members who can follow the parts of your business they are interested in through your Showcase Pages.

What are the common features of both Company page and Showcase page?

There are certain features which are common to both types of pages:

  • Page Analytics
  • Update Notifications (Showcase Page analytics/notifications and Company Page analytics/notifications are calculated separately.)
  • Sponsor updates from the page
  • Feature groups on the page
  • Managing content through social media management
  • Appear in search results for searches and Ads business accounts on LinkedIn
  • Allow members to follow your pages

The best part here is that the Followers and Followers count are not shared between these two types of pages. Followers have no restriction to follow the number of pages but Followers from the parent Company Page cannot be migrated or carried over to a Showcase Page.

Which features are not available on Showcase page?

There are few features which are only available on Company page but not on Showcase page.

  • Associating employee profile with a company
  • Associating job posting with a company
  • Career Pages

If you want some more engagement on LinkedIn and if LinkedIn is one the important platform for you in your social media marketing strategy then you should create the LinkedIn Showcase Page.

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