First Facebook Live Talk Show of India on Digital Marketing Was Pathbreaking in Industry

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In last 1-2 years, India has gone crazy for social media and the use of social media has increased at the rocket speed. Not only limited to the normal user of social media but many businesses have learnt the importance of it and they have started using the social media for marketing. The era of Digital Marketing in India begun in the late 90s and early 2000 only when Search Engine Optimization was the only way people were increasing the traffic on the website. Lately, the use of Emails and blog added more platforms in the bouquet of digital marketing. Now with the addition of social media, mobile apps and other analytics tools, Digital Marketing has become the necessity for all the industries for the growth of the business. Though still there is much unclarity about the subject and because there is hardly any academic support to this subject, most of the people are still highly dependent on the experience of the experts in this field. Keeping the need of the market in the mind I launched the very first Digital Marketing Facebook Live Talk Show of India in February-March 2018.

My idea was to bring the experts of this field on Facebook so that I can ask them those questions which normally people struggle to find the answer to. It was a tough task to find such people and then to bring them on Facebook for a Live talk show but I was fortunate enough to find the experts and they said ‘yes’ in my first call only! There were total 7 speakers from different parts of India and USA who joined me on the Talk Show:

1) Chakrapani Anumula, Hyderabad. Topic: SEO for Startups. 22 February 2018, Thursday at 5 PM IST.
2) Hitesh Patel (Hitesh Divyata), North Carolina. Topic: E-commerce User Profiling. 23 February 2018, Friday at 8.30 PM IST.
3) Ammar Kanchwala, Hyderabad. Topic: Growth Hacking your brand via Social Media storytelling. 24 February 2018, Saturday at 7 PM IST.
4) Pranav Thakker, Ahmedabad. Topic: Mobile App Optimization. 27 February 2018, Tuesday at 4 PM IST.
5) Rob Peck, Chennai. Topic: Google AdWords for Sales Conversion. 6 March 2018, Tuesday at 4 PM IST.
6) Kavita Sharma Khandhadia, Ahmedabad. Topic: Travel Planning on E-commerce. 8 March 2018, Thursday at 4 PM IST.
7) Marc Guberti, New York. Topic: Twitter for Generating Sales Conversion. 9 March 2018, Friday at 10.30 PM IST.

Digital Marketing in India Facebook Live Talk Show
Speakers of the First Facebook Live Talk Show of India – Bhautik Digitally Yours

The first Talk show with Chakrapani Anumula was focused on SEO for startups and he explained the importance of the website for startups and why startups must focus on SEO from the very first day of the business. Chakrapani runs a Digital Marketing Community in Hyderabad with the name iDoneSEO and he organizes many workshops on Digital Marketing.

The second talk show was with Hitesh Patel who is working in Lenovo in the USA. He talked about E-commerce user profiling. His insights on big data and data mining were eye-popping.

Ammar Kanchwala, co-founder of OneDigiStore from Hyderabad was the third in this sequence and he talked about Growth Hacking on Social media via storytelling. He shared some case studies and best practices for growth hacking.

Fourth in the lineup was Pranav Thakker, Founder of Suflam Technologies who is running an IT firm in Ahmedabad and he talked about Mobile App Optimization. He has shared some of his client’s experiences in the real world which were worth learning.

Rob Peck then joined the show who is the Client Service Director in O3M Directional Marketing in Chennai. He is from the USA but settled in Chennai from the last couple of years. He talked about Google AdWords for Sales Conversion. He has shared some of the tricks and tips normally he follows for his clients.

The second last in the list was Kavita Sharma Khandhadia, Co-founder of My Trip Karma in Ahmedabad. On the occasion of Women’s Day, she talked on Travel Planning on E-commerce. She shared her experience of working on E-commerce platforms and why travelling has a great future on E-commerce.

The last in this season-1 was 20 years old sensation from New York, Marc Guberti. He has more than 4 lacs followers on Social Media and he talked about how to use Twitter for generating sales conversions.

All the speakers were the rich source of knowledge and many people from different part of India watched the Live talk shows. This was an effort to empower people of India in the field of Digital Marketing and many such seasons are awaiting from my side in the coming years.

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Bhautik Sheth
Bhautik is the founder of iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services. He is a digital marketing trainer and practitioner. He has trained many people for digital marketing and he provides his expert consultation to many organizations. He loves fun and he always motivates his team members to do their best.

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