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13 Amazing Tips To Optimize Your Blog Post Like a Pro

Shikha Soni is a lead content writer, who writes for various blogs on behalf of Tekblink Technology from the last 3 years. She is a night owl when it comes to reading or writing.

To improve your search rankings, optimizing your blog post is an important task. It also helps you to make your business more powerful and easy interaction with the customers. Going through some SEO training will help you get an idea of how to optimize your blog like a pro. It will help you get more traffic on your website. Communicating with your customers is a must, therefore delivering them the related blog will prove to be a great idea. 

Optimize your posts by following certain tips to make the blog posts for SEO. The fresh and updated content is the best way to gain organic traffic on your website. Listed below are some of the tips that will help you checklist your blog post like a pro. 

1. Keyword Research

Writing about the topics that people are actually looking for is more effective than blindly guessing the related topics and writing about it. Proper keyword research and its proper use help you to get higher rankings on google. Make use of certain tools and go through which words are most frequently searched and then make the blog accordingly. Using long-tail keywords will also help you to get a better position. There are a lot of SEO training videos available on youtube that will guide for effective keyword research.

2. Focus on the Main Keyword

Along with what the customers are searching for you also need to focus on your main keyword. Make use of the words that will help you gain organic traffic on your blogs. Checking your keyword’s competitiveness is also an important task to do. It also helps to write an effective article on what the people are looking for. Using similar keywords also helps to get a dignified result on your blogs.   

3. Organize the Content

Once you have come along the keyword research you even need to organize your content properly. How to use those keywords and under which heads is necessary to look for. If you are using the headings then they should be in a proper sequence and must be going with the flow. Adjust the researched keywords in your articles and bold them so that the visitor can be sure that he is going through the related information he has searched for.    

4. Effective Title

The title that you use to indicate your content should be effective and catchy. It should be related to the search and attract the reader towards it. Not only the main title but along with it the sub-titles and other heads must also be on point. Keep it short and simple rather than going for long and lengthy ones. Using the desired keyword in the title makes your content more effective and readable.  

5. Look at What the Audience is Searching 

Your main aim should be to go through what your audience is searching for. Writing the related blogs with meaningful and significant factors will make the audience get the relevant information. Providing your audience, the proper and systematic information will increase your website’s traffic. If they will get relevant and useful information on your blogs then they will surely visit your site for a number of times.      

6. Make Internal Links

Maintaining your older blogs is also important and for that, you can use the technique of providing internal links to the older blogs. It even helps you maintain your position on SERPs. You can link the related page that will take the reader to another page. Making internal linking is a great habit and a good way to gain a position on google. It makes a contextual relationship between your older posts and newer posts.     

7. Add Meta Description

A short description of your blog will help the reader to know that he is getting the proper information that he has searched for. It is an HTML tag that can be added to any webpage and informs the user that he should go through that page or not. Targeting some relevant keywords in your meta will give a clear idea of what your article is about. It comes under the title of the topic that you have searched. 

8. Make your Content Easy to Read

The language that you use in your content should be simple and easy so that the reader can understand and grab the information easily. Using easy and meaningful words in the article will attract the reader towards it. Proper use of the keywords and quality content will give the reader a perfect concentration and flow to the reader. Therefore using simple language and easy words will be more favorable.    

9. Use Synonyms

Using the same word again and again in your content makes it less accurate and the reader becomes a bit bored while going through it. A better way is to use some synonyms and different words that may be related to the main and focused words to make the article more precise. The synonyms you use will make the reader get more interested while reading. Using some similar phrases and playing with the words will help make an ideal blog.    

10. Add Images to your Blog Posts

Adding short videos and images to your blog will make the content look more effective. The images should not take more time to load as nowadays everyone wants instant results and if your web page takes more time to open then the customers will lose interest in it. So use relevant images and make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Using colorful pictures and animated videos make the article look more interesting.   

11. Use Optimization Tools

There are certain tools that help you gain more organic traffic. Optimizing the blog properly and updating it on time is the most important thing to do. Making a proper checklist and following certain tips with perfect tools and techniques will help you get proper optimization. Go through the procedures that you need to do and that will help you work more efficiently. Once the post is published after that too you need to optimize it according to the updates.   

12. Social Share

Sharing your blog post on your and other social web pages will drive traffic. If your content is impressive for anyone then they would share it with their friend which would make your post more effective. Social sharing is also believed by many SEO companies in India and globally that it can increase search engine ranking.

13. Submit to search engine

Google and Bing have their webmasters, which have a feature where you can request your content to be indexed. Getting your content indexed quickly will make your post rank quicker on the search engine. 

Shikha Soni
Lead Content Writer
Tekblink Technology


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