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3 Reasons You Should Know For The Revival of Gujarati Movie Industry

When Mahesh Kanodiya sung “Jaag re maalan jaag”, audience sitting in theater really wanted “maalan” to wake up! Double meaning dialogues of Lt.Ramesh Mehta were super hit among the rural people. But this we are talking about Gujarati film industry of past.
While we had only few films to boast of as Gujarati super hit films till 2000 (i.e. ‘Desh re joya dada pardesh joya released in 1998), new era of Gujarati Film Industry began with the release of Urban Gujarati Movies in 2000s (i.e. ‘Chaar’ released in 2011, ‘Kevi Rite jaish’ released in 2012, ‘Bey yaar’ in 2014, ‘Chhello Diwas’ in 2016 and upcoming movie ‘Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish’ releasing in October 2016). There were many recent hits in this industry but these were the blockbusters of Gujarati film industry.

Gujarati Film Industry is evolving because Gujarati Films are running successfully in multiplexes, making impressive collection and keeping the viewers fascinated towards Dhollywood. Thanks to the improvisation strategies which have proved as game changer for revolutionizing Gujarati Film Industry.
Here are the 3 reasons mainly important for the rejuvenation of Gujarati film industry.

  • State Government’s playful role: The Government of Gujarat has come up with revamping initiatives for giving a thrust to regional cinema during the last decade. In order to support the aspiring filmmakers of Gujarat, the State Government provides Financial Assistance in the form of subsidy to quality films. Plus a Tax Waiver on Gujarati films is declared and it has been announced that further assistance will be given to films which win national or international acclamation at various film festivals.
  • Social Media add buzz: With the advent of Internet & Social Media for marketing, new brigade of directors and producers have recognized the important role played by ‘Digital Promotion’ in the success of movie. Therefore Gujarati filmmakers have started following well-planned strategies for enhancing online presence as well as expanding reach of their movies by updating info on websites, launching a Trailer on Youtube, associating with Target Audience through Social Media platforms like Facebook Page, Twitter Link and lastly facilitating free songs download. “We take the utmost interest in promoting the Gujarati movies as it shows the essence of real life of urban Gujarat and we want people of Gujarat to attach them selves with it.” Said Digital Marketing expert Bhautik Sheth in a telephonic talk.
  • Taste for urban youth: Unlike films in the past which essentially focused on rural set up, recently made Gujarati films have shifted their focus on to producing ‘urban-centric films’, which are produced by giving a touch of modernity & youthfulness while keeping the cultural values intact. This transition along with improved production quality was the reason behind recent Gujarati Hits. Besides that earlier Gujaratis used to feel shy about speaking in Gujarati but now they feel proud & passionate about showing a connection to their root. Hence, youngsters share the film’s trailer, write reviews of film on social media and also recommend others to watch these films. This ‘Word of mouth publicity’ has also contributed towards the revival of Gujarati cinema in a big way.

While the expectations from the upcoming Gujarati films are rising day by day, let us the see what the future unfolds for Gujarati film industry.



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