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4 Things You Wish Your Boss Knew About Organizational Climate

Every organization requires good marketing campaigns and the same goes for HR as well. Unfortunately, leaving MNCs and big organizations aside, most of the organizations have yet not taken HR seriously. HR is not limited to recruitment, selection, training, performance appraisal or succession planning. HR is about keeping the well-being of an organization. The well-being of any organization heavily depends on its culture. Culture belongs to the individuals working in that organization. Unfortunately, culture is non-quantifiable. Even if it is quantifiable, many would not be knowing! The same culture defines the climate of the organization and as a hard-working, loyal employee of your company, you would always wish a few things your boss knew about organizational climate!!

What is Organizational climate? Organizational climate (sometimes known as Corporate Climate) is the process of quantifying the “culture” of an organization, it precedes the notion of organizational culture. It is a set of properties of the work environment, perceived directly or indirectly by the employees, that is assumed to be a major force in influencing employee behavior.

Organizations differ in many respects – their goals, ethnic composition of their population, etc. Yet one can sense or ‘feel’ the individuality of an organization. Sometimes, this individuality is labeled as the atmosphere of the organization. Other similar commonly used terms are the tone of the organization, environment, personality of the organization or organization’s climate.

This ‘feeling‘ which enables us to know that one organization is different from another is relatively intangible, yet we have some proof of the atmosphere of one organization differing from that of another. If we observe the behavior of people in an organization we get proof of this.

For example, in one organization members may seem relaxed and at ease with each other while in another, we may find greater tension which is seen on members’ faces, their speech, how they work, etc. In some organizations, the boss may be showing authority and status, generally emphasizing formality in dealing with others while in others, he may be informal in his behavior without reducing the importance of his role in the system.

These subtle differences which characterize the psychological environment are the domains of the climate of an organization. The term ‘climate’ is coined to refer to the general feeling/tone of persons in groups towards each other and some of the attitudes they reveal in their behavior.

As an employee of the company, you might have thought about the good work culture in your organization. If your boss is an entrepreneur who understands the importance of employee’s motivation then you are in the right place. Or, you might have sensed about the urgency of efforts to develop good climate but your boss might never have sensed a similar urgency. Here are 4 things you wish your boss knew about Organizational Climate.

1. Organizations of similar circumstances can differ greatly in productivity: This is one of the 4 assumptions your boss must be knowing. In a market where many competitors are of the same capacity, productivity would be different. Even with the similar circumstances between your organization and others, your company can have better productivity if the climate of the organization is positive and human-friendly.

2. Productivity is often related to individual and group motivation: What are the major activities your company is doing to motivate you and your teammates? We all know that one or two motivational programs cannot help us sustain our motivation to do our best. The overall climate of an organization can become better than before if a group of people is motivated enough regularly to give their best output.

3. Motivation is enhanced or inhibited by the organizational climate: Climate can help you increase your motivation and the same can resist too. If the top management is not working enough to make a healthy and positive climate then you will not feel motivated to work.

4. Executives shape the organizational climate: The main actors of an organization are the bottom level executives. They are higher in the numbers and the development of good or bad climate very much depends on their personal work interest and motivation. Any organization should focus on the bottom level employees if the management is serious about creating a healthy and positive climate.

Culture of iVIPANAN is making it the best place to work.

If your boss can understand the importance of developing an awesome climate, you and your teammates would not think to leave the job until it is a matter of salary! Every employee seeks a good environment in a company. If you find your boss is not giving importance to the good culture in the company and hence the climate is not becoming healthy, maybe you can sit with your boss just to discuss the issue. There are many companies that are putting a lot of effort into company values, culture and developing the best team to work with. Your boss should remember one thing that only humans can win the battle and they only need good climate to fight!!

Bhautik Sheth
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Mr. Bhautik Sheth is a Founder of iVIPANAN Digital Marketing and Management Services started in 2014. He has more than 12 years of experience. He holds MCA, MBA, PGDBM, PGDRM degrees and also recognized by Google Ads certification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional and Hubspot Inbound Certification. He is a visiting faculty at VNSGU and former visiting faculty at Auro University. He offers his services to Uka Tarsadia University. He is a speaker at Facebook Josh Talks StartAb and Global Digital Marketing Summit by Texila Conference. He is a chief organizer of Social Media Day Surat since 2016. He is a former online trainer of Google and Manipal Global Education program. He has been associated as a Trainer with International Organization for Importer and Exporter (IOIE) and Being Exporter in Surat. He has trained more than 50,000 people for Digital marketing through Seminars, Webinars, Workshops and Training Programs on digital marketing at national & international level. He has presented many Research Papers on Digital Marketing at national -international conferences out of which many have been chosen as best papers and his 7 research papers on digital marketing have already been published in countrywide and global journals. He has developed academic content using instructional designing for various management subjects for Manipal University’s online portal EduNxt. Blessed with a perfect blend of Management skills and creative thinking ability, Mr. Bhautik Sheth has been rendering his services as a Digital Marketing Consultant to SMEs as well as large scale businesses, Service industry and the Start ups. He has worked with 50+ companies as a consultant. He received an Award of “Distinguished Digital Leader” at Digital Marketing Leadership Summit 2018 organized by XIME, Chennai.


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