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5 Exceptional Ways To Maintain Relationship With Your Clients

While we talk about marketing, content is the king in Digital Marketing, likewise a client is the king in business.

Maintaining a relationship with your client will require a bit of tact and finesse. It takes 12 positive services to make up for 1 negative experience. This is how sensitive trust is between a business and its clients. As per the Statistics- 70% of unhappy customers transform into loyal customers if the mistake has been fixed exceeding their expectations. But still, the question is, how to convert those 70% unsatisfied customers into loyal customers? Well, there is no rocket science behind the formula. Below, I have highlighted five exceptional ways to maintain relationship with your existing clients-

1) STAY CONNECTED– Every interaction with customer is a great opportunity. Stay connected does not mean to sell. Listen to them intently. Learn the client’s interests. Start thinking about the ways you can add value to them.

2) STAY SMART AND KEEP YOUR CLIENTS UPDATED – Your clients rely on you with an expectation. You are one point of contact for any kind of doubts, queries, and solutions. Your client hires you because you are the expert.  Always showing a rosy picture is not good. Sometimes you have to communicate with your clients about the issues, threats and at the same time giving them the surety that you are there for them. In short, keep clients in the loop on all developments. Don’t hide any unexpected glitch from client.

3) BE INNOVATIVE IN EXPRESSING YOUR GRATITUDE– Small gifts to customers will make their day. How about a customized video for your client, A hand written thank you note, putting up pictures of your valued client on your website, Birthday/Anniversary goodies, coupons, special pricing bonus, free parking or subscription of their favorite magazines or newsletter? Sounds great. I am sure your clients will love you more for this.

4) GO DIGITAL – Social Media is an essential tool in customer service today. So make connections and stay in touch. A simple thank you message over social media will make your customers feel extra good!

5) NO LOOSE ENDS- When you are putting all your efforts in strengthening your client relationship, hiring right people for the customer relationship is quite a task. But if you invest in your employees, they will invest in your customers. A win-win situation at both the ends.
Remember, Happy Clients = Good Business = Happy You. After all, Happiness is the key to all good things!



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