Homedigital marketing4 Compelling Reasons Why Blogging is an Important Tool for Digital Marketing

4 Compelling Reasons Why Blogging is an Important Tool for Digital Marketing

Marketing strategies are evolving with the digitalizing world. As a marketer, you have to keep pace with the dynamic trends and monitor the ever-changing marketing scenario.

For decades, brands have been relying on the concepts of content marketing to promote their products and services. Though the channels of marketing have evolved, the objective of advertising still remains the same.

Brands have to remain afloat in the competitive vanguard. The concept of digitalization is becoming a norm, digital marketing is turning into an important tool for reaching out to customers. As digital marketing has become so popular, the market is flooded with content.

Marketers have to find ways to make an evergreen content strategy. It is important for companies to look into digital marketing strategies that actually work and are not expensive.

The most important but undervalued digital marketing tool is “A well-written blog”. As a marketer, you may get questions like blogging was popular a decade back and not anymore. You can not be farther from the truth. As of 2021, blogging is a powerful marketing tool every marketer should excel in.

Is blogging really worth the hype?

The short answer is, Yes, Definitely. Here are some thought-provoking statistics that can prove the point.

  • Marketers who prioritized blogging received 13X more ROI than companies that did not. (Hubspot).
  • 87% of consumers trust advice and information from a blog post. (Techclient.com)
  • Blogging is the third most common content marketing strategy, after video and eBooks. (Hubspot)
  • Marketers who take up the blogging approach received 67% more leads. (Firstsiteguide)

Why 97% of companies have realized the benefits of blogging? Let’s learn how blogging can help in engaging your customers and boost your marketing strategy.

1). Blogging is Essential for SEO:

Think it this way, your potential customer is unaware of the business you are running. When in need, he will simply go on the search engine and type what he needs. For instance, you may be selling shoes. Your customer is going to type “best shoes” and not your company’s name.

It becomes essential for your online business to align with the search engine rankings. An optimized blog, complete with appropriate content, proper keywords, and phrases that your customers use to search on the Internet will boost your website on the top of the result page.

The higher you rank on the result page, the higher are the chances of your business getting explored by new customers.

In order to create blog content that ranks higher on the search result page, you have to understand how the search engine works. A frequently updated website is loved by search engine bots.

Blogs help the crawler of a search engine come again and again to your website, hence increasing your Internet authority. The new content suggests that your website is active and is beneficial for Internet surfers.

Want to learn how to optimize a blog post like a pro? Read here.

2). Establishes Brand Credibility:

A brand like yours can create credibility on the Internet by providing valuable and expert information through blog posts. Posting about industry know-how can make you appear to be authentic and knowledgeable. When customers find you credible they tend to invest in your products and services.

If carried out well, quality blogs can become a helpful resource for customers looking for informative content which will ultimately become your future customer. 

Your blog can anything, from answering a question to creating a roadmap of the solution, if the readers find it informational, they will always come back for more. It will mark you as an “industry thought leader” with expertise in the field which is actually worth their time.

3). Generates Quality Leads:

Attracting your customers onto your website is one thing and making them stay till the end is completely another. A customer passes through three phases before making a purchase. That is:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Your blog title will attract the customer, the blog content will usher them into a consideration phase. Finally, a “Call to Action” command will get them into a decision phase.  Thus, a blog post can surpass all the phases of a consumer buying process.

You can also leverage your blog posts to get quality leads via email marketing. You can make readers subscribe to your blogs. The emails can be then used to create an email marketing list.

The readers will get a benefit of reading the blog when posted while you get a marketing opportunity. You can send the subscribers special promotions, industry tidbits, etc.

The more efficiently you connect with a subscriber, the more are the chances of them converting into customers.

4). Better Customer Relationship:

Blogs can be an effective way to connect with your customers visiting your website. They can know about the services and products you have, on a deeper and more personal level. You can simply end your blog post by asking questions and asking them to provide feedback in the comments.

Reviewing and answering your reader’s queries, you can create a deeper rapport with your customers. You can gain their trust and have insights into what are your customers looking for.

Customer queries on social media remain for a limited time, whereas answers posted on the blog post can remain for a longer period of time.

An added advantage is creating a higher Internet authority.

Final Thoughts:

Effective blogging is an essential tool in a digital marketing strategy. It is the cost-effective technique that drives traffic to your website, generates quality leads, enhances the relationship between you and your customers, and overall has a positive uplift on the ROI of your business.

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