Homedigital marketingA Content Marketing Guide - Helpful Tips For Evergreen Content

A Content Marketing Guide – Helpful Tips For Evergreen Content

Content Marketing is one tough cookie to crack. From generating strategic content to its eloquent execution, it all falls under the wing of Content Marketing. So what concludes as remarkable content? What are the basics to follow before putting your work on the Internet? How to attract your target audience and cater to their needs with your content marketing? And most importantly, how to effectively create something that remains in the sights of your audience for years to come? The basics to every answer lie in proper research, your buyer’s persona, and allocation of your content appropriately while leveraging all the platforms available.

Let’s leave the concepts of Content Marketing for some other day. Right now, we shall discuss how not to let your laboured content get lost among the tides of the massive World Wide Web.

Understanding the Search Engine:

know how search engines work

Before you jump onto the Content Marketing bandwagon, good command of the language is not the only thing. You have to consider the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). You have to know how Google Search-Engine works. Once you have created search-engine algorithm-friendly content, what remains next is its proper publishing. The content published on the Internet remains a hot cake for a maximum of 24-hours. After that, it remains sidelined and is only viewed when someone particularly searches for it. 

There are approx. 5.7 million pages uploaded on the Internet everyday. It is common for your content to become a speck of sand in the vast desert that is the online web.

Here’s how you can make your content unforgettable-

1). Make your content visual filled:

content marketing guide for marketers
  • Images have a long life as compared to written posts. When creating something, make sure it is adequately optimized using visuals. Images are search engine friendly; you can optimize them by adding a proper title, alt text, caption, and even URL of any relevant page.
  • Putting infographics in your content makes it more interactive and educative. And, when your content is educative, readers will come again.
  • On social media, you can play a lot with visuals and videos. You have a vast ocean of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Leverage social-media spaces and make some thought-provoking and evergreen content.

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2). SEO Basics:

content marketing guide for marketers

One should imbibe the basics of SEO in every content. Your work can only survive the Internet if the search-engine approves it. For this, you have to understand

  • Remember, when writing, you have to keep your readers in mind. Create what your target audience is looking for and not what you want them to know about. Make it as simple as possible. Refrain from using technical jagarans that can confuse your readers. 
  • Your message can be anything you are trying to deliver, be it be Blogs, Emails, Landing-Page and even Social -Media. Make sure you know where your audiences lie.
  • Keywords researching is a very crucial step. You have to know what your audience is searching for. Then only you can create something that will rank higher on SERP and immediately catch the eye-balls. Now, you must know SEO is not a one day process; it is continuous and never-ending.
  • Backlinking is part of SEO. When creating newer posts, make your readers come back to your older posts by adding backlinks. It also serves as an advantage to the crawler.

3). Repurpose your already posted content:

content creating guide for content writers

As stated above, your content remains for a concise time in front of your audiences. You can leverage your already posted content by:

  • Edit by adding updated facts and reupload your creation. 
  • Your content can be regenerated as other forms. Ex: If posted a blog, upload infographics of the said blog on Social-Media. Similarly, you can post a Youtube video to back your blog post. It keeps engagement amongst the readers alive. And you can get the advantage for an extended period.
  • Artistically upload your work on every aspect of the Internet without making your audiences think they are bombarded with a sales pitch.

Keeping your content alive without being forgotten is a long shot. What you can do is try your best and keep generating original content. Every day millions of data are uploaded it is obvious your content can be forgotten. What is important is that you have knowledge of Internet know-how.

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