About Us

Soconse is a digital marketing community established by iVIPANAN Digital Marketing and Management Services based in Surat, Gujarat. The founder of iVIPANAN, Bhautik Sheth, wanted to create a digital marketing community to upgrade the knowledge of digital trainees of iVIPANAN’s digital marketing course which became the reason of establishment of soconse. Every third Saturday of the month current and past students of iVIPANAN come under one roof and get updated with the current happening in the field of digital marketing. To take one step forward, soconse is the first ever digital marketing blog in Gujarat which publishes the articles on Social Media, Search Engine, Paid Advertisement, Business, Entrepreneurship, Management etc.

Surat is the growing city of India and as a digital marketing pioneer in South Gujarat region, iVIPANAN feel proud producing many digital marketing professionals with its Digital Marketing Certificate course. iVIPANAN is committed to give many digital marketing professionals to every size of business which can take their business at the next level. As a consultant, iVIPANAN is helping many businesses to grow at the fast rate by keeping the budget minimal. As a trainer and consultant, Bhautik Sheth is on a mission to make Surat the city of Digital Marketing wherein every small business can expand the market to the global level.

The meaning of our digital marketing community- Soconse came for the three pillars of digital marketing.

SO: Social Media

Con: Content

SE: Search Engine

The symbol of auto rickshaw is the indication of a vehicle which can easily take you through the traffic. Similarly, if any business is not moving ahead due to lack of marketing budget, digital marketing can take it to the next level with social media, content marketing and search engine.