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How To Select Institute For Digital Marketing Course in India

A few years back hardly there were people who wanted to learn Digital Marketing or looking to pursue digital marketing course. In last 3 years, the wave of digital marketing has risen and because of the industry demand, many students and professionals are diverting in this most desired field of marketing. While choosing the best digital marketing institute in India, you must keep few things in your mind. Make sure that this is a professional course and everything ends at the point of execution once you learn the course. No matter how big the name of the institution is, you need to learn the practical implementation of the subject.

If you check the Google search term trend in last 5 years for “Digital Marketing Course” in Indian region, the number of search queries are increasing steadily. This indicates that many people are getting aware of the course and they are looking to learn.

Before you take an admission in any institute, check these points to prove your decision correct!
1. Who is/are the trainer/s: This is the most ignored query while you go for an inquiry. Ask for the trainer/s and his/her experience. Ask for his/her credentials too. If the trainer is an active digital marketing consultant then he/she will be knowing the latest updates of the platforms. Check if he/she is has worked on different projects in different industries. It will help you to develop your knowledge and you can explore the different horizons in the future.

2. Does it include the advanced level of training?: Many institutions have designed basic and advanced courses. Frankly, there isn’t anything like basic and advanced when your purpose is to learn and execute. The single statement after completing the course would be – “I know this”. So if the institution is not including the advanced level features of the tools in the training then ask to train on those tools as well.

3. Which are the training modules?: Digital Marketing is the vast subject and you must need to know about all the topics involved in this subject. Though the number of modules is not important at least the major domains must be included in the course.

4. Job opportunity: See if the institution is offering you the job after completion of your course. Nothing is better if you start getting interview call during your course only. Also, check the past record for placement.

5. Exposure to work on Live projects: If you can work on some live projects that will be the real learning experience for you. You can ask for the opportunity to work on the live projects at the time of inquiry.

6. Future learning scope: Digital Marketing is the ever-changing field and after completion of your course, you must continuously upgrade your knowledge of social media, search engine optimization, Google AdWords and content marketing. If you get an opportunity to learn on the continuous basis even after your course, you will always keep your self-updated.

Remember that digital marketing is a type of doing marketing on the internet and this is also the management function. You must learn the need of the business too and hence the role of the trainer becomes so crucial in this course. So now before you go for an inquiry, keep these points in your mind and then select the topmost digital marketing institute of India for your bright future!

Bhautik Sheth
Bhautik Shethhttps://www.ivipanan.co.in
Mr. Bhautik Sheth is a Founder of iVIPANAN Digital Marketing and Management Services started in 2014. He has more than 12 years of experience. He holds MCA, MBA, PGDBM, PGDRM degrees and also recognized by Google Ads certification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional and Hubspot Inbound Certification. He is a visiting faculty at VNSGU and former visiting faculty at Auro University. He offers his services to Uka Tarsadia University. He is a speaker at Facebook Josh Talks StartAb and Global Digital Marketing Summit by Texila Conference. He is a chief organizer of Social Media Day Surat since 2016. He is a former online trainer of Google and Manipal Global Education program. He has been associated as a Trainer with International Organization for Importer and Exporter (IOIE) and Being Exporter in Surat. He has trained more than 50,000 people for Digital marketing through Seminars, Webinars, Workshops and Training Programs on digital marketing at national & international level. He has presented many Research Papers on Digital Marketing at national -international conferences out of which many have been chosen as best papers and his 7 research papers on digital marketing have already been published in countrywide and global journals. He has developed academic content using instructional designing for various management subjects for Manipal University’s online portal EduNxt. Blessed with a perfect blend of Management skills and creative thinking ability, Mr. Bhautik Sheth has been rendering his services as a Digital Marketing Consultant to SMEs as well as large scale businesses, Service industry and the Start ups. He has worked with 50+ companies as a consultant. He received an Award of “Distinguished Digital Leader” at Digital Marketing Leadership Summit 2018 organized by XIME, Chennai.


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