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Digital Marketing Day Surat 18 Received a Great Response from Audience

And it was a Digital Marketing Extravaganza on 16th December 2018, Sunday at Surat! The first of its kind of event was organized by Digital Marketing pioneer in South GujaratiVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services. The event was mentored by Digital Marketing trainer and consultant Bhautik Sheth and it was led by the team leader of iVIPANAN Isha Raval. Digital Marketing Day Surat 18 was shaped up in just 12 days time period when the experts of Facebook group “Digital Marketing Question & Answer” across the country decided to celebrate such day in India. The Facebook group is led by Sorav Jain.
It was not so difficult to identify the taste and mood of the Surtis after organizing Social Media Day from last 3 years by iVIPANAN. In fact, the experience of organizing SM Day proved decisive. The DM Day was hence a panel discussion instead of the individual seminar or a talk show. There were 2-panel discussions including 4 experts and 1-panel moderator,
Panel-1: User behavior on Digital media-Challenges and Solution.
Panelists: Dr Monika Suri ( HOD – School of Business, Auro University), Dr Hema Agarwal (Professor, SRLIM).
Panel-2: The journey of Content from user engagement to conversion.
Panelists: Nishit K Jariwala (Founder, BuddyBits), Siddhi Jain (Digital Marketing Manager, iVIPANAN)

Both the panel discussions went with some interesting questions and answers covering many aspects of user behavior, content, social media, SEO and other topics. One of the attendees of the program, Dr Dharmendra Sheth Founder of Fluentlingua. has written down the major points of the discussions:

  •  Content is the king.
  • It’s important to optimize your blog.
  • Divide your marketing budget equally between digital and non-digital modes.
  • Choose your digital marketing agency wisely.
  • Posting festival pics on social media is NOT digital marketing.
  • Explore the possibilities of studying & using customer behavior, cognitive and emotional aspects, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Interpreting analytics is vital.
  • Use the omnichannel strategy.
  • Simple navigation, proper linguistic interface, regular updates, and consistency are important for websites.
  • Value for money and value for many.
  • AIDA plus retention.
  • Different platforms, different contents.
  • FAQs.
  • Copyrighting versus blogging.

Thank you, Surat for such a fabulous response. Get ready for 30th June to celebrate Social Media Day 2019!



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