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6th Digital Marketing Up-gradation Session Held by Soconse Community

It was straight 6th month to upgrade the knowledge of iVIPANAN’s current and past trainees to lead the market with their knowledge. Soconse was started with the concept of upgrading the trainees of iVIPANAN Digital Marketing and Management Services based in Surat, Gujarat. In the past 5 up-gradation sessions, mentor Bhautik Sheth had updated on search engine and social media fronts. This time, again, it was the time to upgrade on social media and search engine.

Held on 16 July 2016, the session covered following topics:

  • Facebook’s recent change in news feed
  • Facebook launched Instant Articles for Messenger
  • Growing use of Instagram beating Facebook and Twitter
  • Optimizing Google voice search “Okay Google”

Bhautik Sheth Digital Marketing
The session was covered by queries from the soconse members. The marketing angle was developed keeping in mind the changes in social media and search engine.
The next session will be held on the third Saturday of August at iVIPANAN HQ. To be the part of soconse community, right now the membership is only available for the trainees of iVIPANAN. To join the digital marketing course of iVIPANAN, contact +91 9825656211.



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