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Do You Know How Google Search Engine Works?

Everyone talks about getting a website on top of the Search Engine by doing very essential SEO on it. You probably know that it stands for search engine optimization, but what parameters are considered by search engines like Google to optimize the website? Do you know how Google search engine works? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? Google ranks your page if relevant content matches the search query, it appears on SERP.

So firstly, we need to understand how Google bots take the information from the website. Google ranks your website on the SERP by matching users’ search queries with the keywords you’ve distributed on your website and brings organic traffic. Not to forget, this entire process is time-consuming and it gives you long-term benefits. You can’t expect from a crawler to crawl your page today and get you to the top result in a few days or weeks. It surely shows you results and brings traffic when you provide quality content to searcher’s search query.

Google’s algorithms are a complex programming system used to retrieve data from its database and delivers the best possible results for the users’ search query. It uses a combination of algorithms and more than 200 ranking signals to rank any website that matches Google’s SEO ranking signals.

Let’s See How Google Search Engine works?

Google or any other search engine follows the three primary phases those are Crawling, Indexing and Ranking. Let’s understand what Search Engine Crawling is and understand how Google search engine works.

What is Google Search Engine Crawling

A Crawler is a bot defined from the programming language itself that is called an algorithm. It decides which webpages to crawl and links to follow.

It crawls website URLs, internal website links understand the content relevancy if the website content is relevant to users’ search query, how rich snippets are used on the website. Now content can vary, it could be your webpage, an image, video, or a PDF., etc. The crawler discovers content by links not by the format of content.

The crawler fetches new content by scanning every link on your web pages and discovers new URLs. By hopping along these paths of links, the crawler finds new content and lists down in their indexing process.

This action is crucial and critical for SEO because this is the moment when the search engine discovers the specific number and the quality of inbound and outbound links.

It identifies critical errors on your website and gives all the Performance & Coverage data in Google Search Console that we have to monitor and define SEO strategies.

What is Google Search Engine Indexing

Indexing is the process of adding information about a web page to a search engine’s index. It is a collection of web pages that includes information on the pages crawled by search engine crawlers. It also checks for Mobile-First Indexing where Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking.

Google bot processes and collects information from various sources and tries to organize information for indexing. This information is used to measure the relevance of the page compared to similar ones. Before it decides which web pages to show from the index, search engines apply algorithms to help rank those web pages.

This web page data is reviewed for positive or negative ranking signals and stored in the correct location on the server. And then it goes for actual ranking.

How Google Ranks the Website

At SERP, an SEO consultant shows it’s the audience the results of his work. Once a user enters a keyword on the search bar, the search engine will search on its indexed pages, the pages which match the intent of users’ search query will appear in the result.

You can also block search engine crawlers from visiting your site and instruct search engines to avoid storing certain pages for indexing. Here it requires the role of developer or coder for showing it’s expertise. You need to use Google’s various tools for indexing and ranking report.

Over and above, SEO is the magic you work on your content, to make Google include your content for one of the top results whenever someone searches for that specific or related keyword. Nonetheless, It becomes very difficult sometimes to rank your webpage on SERP because the Google search engine is very dynamic, it changes its algorithm frequently. At last, it comes down to understanding your audience’s interest and their searching behavior. And always make sure that you should not create content that simply ranks well. You must know what exactly could be your searcher’s query when they are looking for your product/service online.

So, understand the fundamentals of Google’s algorithm and keep ranking your website and if you get stuck, let us know :). To stay updated with such insights, visit SOCONSE.



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