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How to get the most out of Instagram Features for Marketing?

Instagram features have evolved a lot so far. From its user interface of 2010 to remarkable features today in 2020, Instagram has marked its headway. As the entire digital platforms are very dynamic, it keeps evolving according to the time. As stated well, Technology is the future, so it is. 

Instagram is one of the platforms which has abundant features. You shall take advantage of IG features for innovative ideas, trend, and for marketing. If you are a brand or an artist or any page enhancing your creativity, you shall never miss out to promote your brand and yourself on Instagram. 

You might be acquainted with IG features already but how to make an optimum use should be your concern:

  • Filters
  • IGTV
  • IG Stories & Highlight
  • Instagram Live
  • AR Filters
  • Stickers, GIF, Quizzes
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Instagram Analytics

1. Filters: Instagram filter created a huge sensation in the mind of users and nonetheless for professional photographers. You might have noticed, there’s an option of “Manage Filter” at the end of filter list which appears while you are uploading a post. You can keep your favourite filters in the top 5 categories, so you don’t have to scroll much, and this does your work with ease.

2. IGTV: Video is one of the great to increase your engagement. Initially, IG limited with 15 secs, later it extended to 1 min video. From the past 1.5 years, it also brought IGTV for long-form video. You could put so much content to keep the constant interest of your audience through IGTV.

3. REELS: As popularly said a copy of Tik-Tok. It is a new content format which allows Instagram users to create a short 15-sec video. This is a great way to showcase your content/artwork to your audience in a short and crisp message.

Leveraging Instagram Features for Marketing Success

4. IG Stories & Highlight: IG Stories & Highlight: IG Story was called a copy of Snapchat. The story lasts for 24 hours and then disappears. With different fonts and colours, you can make the story look attractive. Later Instagram came up with “Stories Highlight”.

The transience of stories made “Stories Highlight” feature very successful. It’s a great form of storing your best memories as an album and can edit or delete whenever you want.

Story Highlight is visible to your followers and to anyone who visits your profile if you do not have your account private. You must try using IG Stories for Sale conversion.

5. Instagram Live: This feature allows users to broadcast live videos. Your audience can submit their questions and comment on the video in real-time, therefore it is a great way to get insights and feedback. Also, it is a great way to get leads, hence Instagram is a powerful marketing channel.

6. AR Filters: Many companies have adapted this Augmented Reality (AR) feature because it is the future. It supremely imposes virtual effects on real image and video using a camera. You can attract your audience through these features for shopping. So here, IG gives you an opportunity to create your custom “AR Filter” to promote your brand. Moreover, if you create a custom AR filter, the visitors and followers will be able to access your filter to try it out. 

7. Sticker, GIF, quizzes: You can interact with your followers amazingly by using stickers and Gif on your stories. You can ask questions and get insights into the things they are interested in. Quiz stickers can help you discover your audience interest and visa-versa. 

8. Aesthetic appeal: With the help of 3rd party photo editing tool, you can make 9 grid collage of a single photo to make it look beautiful. You can display your best of the best product or artwork this way. Always post image should with HD clarity. Nevertheless, create visually compelling content where your audience cannot afford to ignore.

9. Instagram Analytics: If you have a public profile or a business account, you can never miss out the insights shown by Instagram about each post. It shows no. of views, reach, engagement of your defined audience. You can redefine your strategy with the help of analytics and study all information available in insights. You can always be better and competitive than others.

get the most out of Instagram Features for Marketing

All these features individually have great marketing potential. Combing all these features yield the best results for your business or brand. Instagram provides you with a lot more information other than entertainment. You can also collab with a digital marketing agency and update your content on regular basis.

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