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A Step-by-Step Guide to Create Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is a free opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness. We have a total of 2.7 billion monthly active users till Aug 20, 2020. The number of daily users is 1.7 billion in the first quarter of 2020, making it comfortably the world’s largest social media platform.  

One of the best platform to showcase your business on a global scale and reach millions of your target group audience. Facebook makes it easier for people to discover and interact with your brand online. Find out how to set your business page here.

You might find many different sources to Create Facebook Business Page but steps have changed due to the recent update on September 30, 2020. Let’s dive into how to create Business Page here. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Create Facebook Business Page

Before sign in for the Facebook page, you need to log into your personal Facebook Account. So, first, log in your Facebook account and then dive into the Page creation steps.

Step 1: Sign up

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the left sidebar “Pages” and then click on “Create new Page” as shown in the below figure.

Enter Page name and Category: Write your business page Name and choose the category from the dropdown menu or type the for the category your business best fits into. The name of the page with the category will be visible to you on the right side. When ready, click on “Create Page”. 

Step:2 Add Images

Next upload profile and cover picture for your Facebook Page. Your picture must have a good visual first impression. If you have a recognizable brand, you can use your logo. And if you are a local business, try a well-shot image of your signature offerings or even your company name would go. 

For Cover Image, the picture dimensions requirement is 820×312 pixels on the computer and 640×360 pixels on smartphones. For Profile Picture, dimensions requirement are 170×170 pixels on computers, 128×128 pixels on smartphones, and 36×36 pixels on most feature phones.

You get better results by using a PNG file for your profile picture and cover photo with a logo or text. Remember, your Page’s profile picture will be cropped to a circular shape in ads and posts but remains in the same square shape when people visit your Page. 

After uploading a cover photo and profile picture, click on the “Save” button and continue the process. 

Step-3 Set up Page Information

On the left side at “Manage Pages”, scroll down and you’ll a blue dot on the option “Edit Page Info”, click there. 

Create a username: your username can be up to 50 characters but try keeping it short and crisp though you can use an extra character. A short username is easy to type and remember. 

Description: You can edit your description again if needed. 

Categories: If your business falls under more than one category, you can add the other categories here. 

Contact Details: Add all contact details you want to make it public: Phone number, Email address, Website URL (if any)

Location: If you have your physical location, add your storefront or office address, city, and pin code/postcode. You can even drag your location on the map manually. Click on Additional Location detail and select options as provided.

Hours: Mention your specific working hours, for which you are open to service for your audience. This will appear in your search result. It is very important to opt “Temporary service change” option. 

Extra Option: If any extra options are relevant to your business, enter them, and Save Changes.

Well Done. You have created your Facebook Page in three simple steps. Now Create Posts, Publish your page, and Invite your audience to like your page. To promote your Facebook Page, follow these quick easy steps. You can even hire an agency pioneer in Digital Marketing.

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