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200+ High PR Directory Submission sites for off-page SEO in 2022

Directory submission is very similar to phone directories, which have a different category with a list of websites. Directories are a kind of website which is used to store business information. If you are looking for such directory sites, here are 200+ high PR directory submission sites to get top-rank backlinks for SEO in 2022.

What is Directory Submission

Directory Submission is an off-page activity that helps in link building.

This activity involves registering your website and it’s detailed under the provided categories. It helps you optimize your website by promoting it on other sites.

There are various categories to choose from as per the content on your website. E.g. If you have a website related to Fashion, then you have to submit your website under the Fashion category to get backlinks from those sites.

Directory Submission can be understood by considering Google as an example. Before Google, users used to search for information through web directories as it was the only source of compiled data available then.

There are 3 types of Directory Submission

  • Paid or Featured Web Listing

As the name suggests you will be charged with a submission fee, plus you have to wait for 24 hrs for the approval. Some websites even offer yearly and lifetime packages.  

  • Free or Regular Web Listing

It is free for Directory Submission, no one charges for free or regular submission. But free web listing is a really time-consuming and dicey process as there are fewer chances of approval. The approval takes time because of more submission requests.

  • Reciprocal Regular Web Listing 

In this listing, it is compulsory to submit a reciprocal link to your site, when you activate Directory Link. Your site will be approved only after receiving the reciprocal link. In simple words, it’s barter. To put your link on that site, you have to put their logo on your site’s homepage.

How Directory Submission helps you improve your page rank

Directory Submission is basically an off-page optimization technique to create backlinks for your website that helps in search engine optimization.

In this process, you take many efforts apart from enhancing your website, to improve its rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Building Backlink is a heart of Off-Page SEO. Directory Submission also attracts traffic on your website with getting high-quality do-follow backlinks.

The search engine uses backlinks as indications to determine the content’s quality. This is why the backlinks coming from a higher authority website have higher priority.

Directory Submission is very important for people who have just started blogging. Submitting your URL to web directories will show growth in the ranking of your website.

How to Do Directory Submission?

When you do Directory Submission for effective SEO, First, you should make sure about the category which you choose, is of your niche. Always search for the Directories which are best suitable for your Website.

Before submitting your website or blog in any directory, find a particular category according to your niche, where you have to submit the link of your website or insert your blog’s URL.

Here are steps to follow for Directory Submission

1-The first step is to choose the best directory submission site from the available list.

2- Select the site where you want to submit your blog or website. 

3- Select the type of submission, Free, Paid or  Reciprocal.

 4- Choose the most appropriate category for your website. 

5- After that pick-up the relevant subcategory.

There will be more options to narrow down according to the sections, like for this website we will select ‘Computer’ and further ‘Computer Science’. You can see that in the screenshot given below.

6- After choosing the relevant category and subcategory, click on submit website button.

7- This is the last step after selecting the category and subcategory type. Just fill in the details about the URL, title, and description.

Consider some points to avoid mistakes

  1. Always submit your website to the most suitable category and subcategory.
  2. Remember, not to spam a directory.
  3. Make sure the physical address and blog stats you provide are correct.
  4. Always try to ignore the site that requires a link back or banners on your site.      

 Because having a link back or ad banners to the directories may harm your site’s  SEO Score. So it is always better to stay safe.

Check out this list of 200+ High PR directory submission site list.

200+ High PR Directory Submission Sites List 2020 – 21























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