How To Define Success As An Entrepreneur


The simplest meaning of Success is ‘goal attainment’ that everyone strives for. However, success is multi dimensional term because of the variations in perspective with which each individual defines & measures success. What I consider as Success may not be regarded as success in the eyes of my neighbour simply because of difference in the way we look at success.
While success is characterized by some as earning fame & wealth creation, a few belief that staying at number one position in your field is ultimate success. But the most refined thought on success is to dedicate your life for bringing about a positive change in the world and thereby leaving your mark in society. Adding to this, I would say that Success is also an ability to identify what you excel at and how you can contribute towards making the world a better place.

Above all Success should be ‘self-fulfilling’ in a way that it should not merely look superior from outside but it should make you feel good from inside (also known as Inner Satisfaction) and charting out your own unique way to reach the pinnacle is as important as achieving success itself. This is possible only if success is defined by yourself on your own terms rather than trying to fit into society’s set criteria of ‘Success’.
The idea of Success is not a secluded one mainly because of very obvious reason that in the end it is interconnected to various parameters like person’s well being, health, fame, enjoyment & satisfaction out of hard work, at times the wealth creation and last but not the least with the social life involvement.
Successful person should stay focused to achieve higher echelons in his field rather than staying contented in terms of exploring, learning and trying out newer avenues of success and should be willing to surround himself with the driven & motivated individuals. Lack of these will make your success ‘short lived’ in the long run.
Another such important aspect attached to success is being able to spend quality time with your near & dear ones during your journey towards achieving success. Friends & family members’ involvement makes your journey more memorable than isolating yourself completely while walking alone on the path of success.
Real Success of ‘Success’ is when the person succeeds in unleashing the best version of himself/herself  while taking up the path of success and attaining it.


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