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How to Promote a Business Page on Facebook?

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Advertising on Facebook is important and the most effective way to connect with your audience.

The dynamic Facebook algorithm can be challenging to connect organically with your target audience. But Facebook’s micro-targeting features authorize and empower you to reach your exact target audience. That means Facebook ads display your ad message to those people who possibly want to buy your products or services.

You only pay to reach the most valuable potential audience. Isn’t that great for your budget, conversion rates, and return on investment?

Firstly you require a Business Page on Facebook to promote your business/community. Follow these easy steps to Create Facebook Business Page.

Promoting Facebook Business Page will send people to your website. Follow these simple steps:

1. Select Promote on your Facebook Business Page:

Go to your Facebook Business Page and select “Promote” located at the bottom left column.

2. Choose your Goal:

You’ll see eight options of goals. Choose the most relevant and best suitable for your business. Let’s Consider you chose “Get more Website visitors”.

select relevant target audience for your facebook business page

3. Promote Website by creating Ad Creative:

Facebook will automatically suggest you an image and ad text. You can swap those with your choice of image, video or slideshow and text.

  • 4. Audience: Select a specific target audience to whom you would like to show ad.
select proper target audience
  • 5. Duration: This is the most important step. Select your duration, for how long you want to run your ad. Set your “start date” and “end date”. If you forget to set “end date” it will run your ad continuously and you might lose money. Be cautious at this point.
  • 6. Budget: Set your daily budget limit. It will show you an estimated figure of your ad reach. This makes it easy to set your budget.
promote your facebook business page
  • 7. Placement: You can show ad on messenger and Instagram, other than Facebook. This is optional. If you chose both, your ad will publish on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. At the right side, you’ll see analytics showing you estimated daily reach and clicks. While setting the budget, keep eye on these figures to get optimum result.
  • 8. Review Payment Method: Before submitting, review all the information you provided and then make the final payment. You can add other methods of payment as per your convenience.
  • 9. Submit your Ad: When you are finished building your local promotion ad, click on “Promote Now“. The ad will be reviewed. You will be notified by Facebook when an ad goes live.


Remember the important keynotes when you are promoting your page:

  • Promoting your Facebook Page will introduce you to your audience, the people who show interest in your business.
  • When people like your page through an ad, they’ll your content in their regular news feed.
  • While promoting, select audience, duration time, and budget in such a manner that fits best to your Goal of this promotion.

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