Homedigital marketingKey Takeaways from Digital Marketing Day Surat 2020

Key Takeaways from Digital Marketing Day Surat 2020

Like the previous two years, 2018 & 2019, this year the 3rd Digital Marketing Day 2020 was held on 16th December. Following the COVID-19 guidelines, this year’s event was an online one. Participants were joined from different parts of the country and other parts of the globe too.

iVIPANAN again proved to be a gracious host in this year’s Digital Marketing Day celebration.

The power-packed discussion and interactive problem-solving sessions gave everyone a lot to think about the topic. The experts called upon are renowned in their respective fields. August panellists were Liraz Rahim Postan, an international B2B SEO & Marketing expert (ISRAEL), Amar Krishna Jha, Digital Marketing Expert (KOLKATA), and Aarushi Aggarwal, Senior manager of account planning, management & business growth (GURUGRAM).  Mr Bhautik Sheth of iVIPANAN played the role of a moderator. The topic of the panel discussion was ‘Assembling Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy for 2021.

The global economical downfall in 2020 made everyone realized the necessity of going digital. The focus of the discussion was surrounding the role of the internet in marketing and business growth.

Panellists were asked some very thought-provoking questions like,

  • How a business should integrate all the marketing channels to grow substantially in 2021?
  • Local businesses mostly struggle to leverage a 360-degree digital platform and what should they do to integrate different digital channels?
  • Performance marketing is still considered to be a new term for many businesses in India. How B2C companies can take advantage? What should the companies consider while hiring an agency?
  • 2020 has changed the perspective of digital marketing for e-commerce businesses. They have become very much conscious. Any tips for them to grow double-fold next year?
  • Everybody talks about LinkedIn for B2B. Still, the conversions are not so great. How to get results with LinkedIn in a B2B model?
  • The three business strategies i.e. Account-based marketing, Digital sales enablement strategies, and Digital community building. How can a business take advantage of these strategies to generate more conversion value?  

Liraz Rahim, an expert in SEO; “Business owners are understanding the importance of SEO so, agencies have to pay more attention to the organic activities in 2021.”

 According to Amar Krishna; “Focus much on the keyword research for the Google Ads while doing the ads for any niche to get optimal results.”

Aarushi Aggarwal said; “Decide between LinkedIn premium profile & LinkedIn Ads based on your objective. Ads will work when you want to build your brand & premium profile when you want to pitch your business.”

The panellists shed a lot of light on the discussed questions. Here are some narrowed down key takeaways,

  • Content is king and so does the content delivery.
  • Hire agencies whose team have sharp knowledge & experience about your target audience
  • The organic strategies, PR, SEO and social platforms have to be leveraged all together for maximized conversions.
  • Integrate digital platforms with traditional marketing to get a holistic approach in your marketing activity
  • Account-based marketing, digital sales enablement strategies & digital community building should be deployed together.
  • Linkedin is the best platform to build long term business relationship

The session was concluded with questions asked by the attendees. The event was a success. 2021 has opened a wide door for digital marketing to bloom & until and unless one does not know the power of social media, one cannot harness it.

Watch the recording of Digital Marketing Day Surat 2020:



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