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MilesWeb Reseller Hosting: The Best Partner to Consider for Starting Your Side Hustle

If you are a Developer, Freelancer or Enterpreneur, MilesWeb Reseller Hosting gives you optimal hosting solution at cheaper price. Here’s the article showcasing its features and customers’ review. It’s worth buying if you are in the initial stage of your business.

Most of you might already know reselling means to take someone else’s product and sell it as your own. Reseller hosting similar to it only, you’re selling web hosting from a provider such as MilesWeb as your own.

Reseller hosting is considered as a decent way to earn extra income if you’re a web designer, developer, an agency or even if you do something unique. It is possible to ‘white label’ your resold hosting and you can also include your own branding or just include hosting as part of the price for web development or design.

Significantly, it is possible to start your own web hosting business & this is where reseller hosting comes.

You can customize the web hosting plans as per your requirements and sell them. Let’s go in depth and check into what is reseller hosting.

Reseller Hosting Explained

There are several reseller hosting packages that work on a standard wholesale basis. Sign up for a reliable host, set up a reseller account to access wholesale prices, add your own branding and then resell that web hosting. You can set your own pricing and conditions until you work within the host’s own conditions. Then you can continue your business.  

Though it seems to be complicated but it isn’t. You will get the software setup with specific reseller packages, if you select a good web host that can save your time and efforts for setting everything up, for example MilesWeb, comes with cPanel and WHM already set up. You just need to create an account for each new client you sell the service to.

Managing Reseller Hosting

After signing up for reseller hosting, you gain access to an admin console in cPanel or other admin package. The control panel will comprise of the essential tools for set up new accounts, email addresses, assign disk space, domains and the typical features of web hosting.

It is also possible to create your own hosting plans to resell to clients, manage traffic, provide administrative rights to users, advertising and every aspect of web hosting.

One of the main benefits of reseller hosting is that your clients get their own cPanel or other dashboard where they can manage their own account. This saves you tasks of administration and reseller hosting becomes a smooth income resources as compared to a full time job.

Introduction to MilesWeb

One of the leading web hosting companies of India, MilesWeb today hosts over 20,000 domains on their servers. The company was started in 2012 so that the web hosting users would benefit from the latest technology and infrastructure which the other web hosts lacked. Their web hosting options comprise of shared, cheap reseller hosting, windows reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated, cloud, SSD reseller hosting India and WordPress. 

Reseller Hosting Plans


Free Website Migration: You can migrate your website without paying extra charges to their server whenever you want to. The website data is securely migrated without any loss by their migration team.

Free SSL Certificate: The sensitive information on your website is encrypted when data is transferred on the internet so that only the intended recipient has an access to it. Also, your visitors’ trust improves on you and your website’s ranking gets boosted in search engines.

Free Domain Reseller: You can also resell domains from your domain reseller account. They offer over 400 domains to resell so that you can earn extra.

Host Unlimited Websites: You can create a fixed number of cPanel accounts with their eachLinux reseller hosting plan. But they allow you to host multiple domains within a single cPanel account. Those may be sub-domain and add-on domain.

100% White Labelled: You can sell the reseller hosting packages with your own brand name with while labelled hosting.

100% SSD Storage: SSDs offer supreme speed to store your website data as compared to HDDs. This improves your website’s performance.

Web Host Manager (WHM): With WHM you have control on a few popular and resource-consuming sites as well as a huge number of smaller sites. Moreover, you can create and manage multiple cPanel accounts with unlimited websites, emails, etc.

cPanel Control Panel: You can give the complete access of the cPanel to your client for managing their domains, emails and websites. It also enables you to check the disk space and bandwidth usage and gives you the right to suspend, unsuspend and terminate your clients’ accounts.

One-Click Installer: You can install as many applications as you want to with the one-click installer Softaculous tool. You get to install 400+ applications on your website.

Free Website Builder: You as well as your clients just need to use the drag and drop method to build a website with the free website builder tool.Nocoding and programming skills need to build a professional website.

Datacenter Choice: You get to choose your preferred datacenter location from the global locations available.

Malware Scan & Protection: Your website can be secured from the malware with the malware scan and protection tool.

Email Service: You can send and receive emails from your domain. Just set up a professional business email id. The Webmail supports POP3 / IMAP email accounts and so, you can access emails wherever you go.


Reseller hosting gives you a smooth and easy earning option as compared to other businesses. With MilesWeb, you can easily manage your client accounts with the cPanel and WHM. Also, they offer you extra options to earn such as domain reseller and reselling addons. Thus, they are your true reseller hosting partner. 

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