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Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between iVIPANAN and METAS of Seventh Day Adventist College, Surat

An MoU was inked between the Surat-based digital marketing agency and training institute, lead by Founders Bhautik Sheth and Shruti Sheth, and METAS of Seventh Day Adventist College, represented by Placement Officer Khirod Dalpati.

In the wake of growing youth scholars, the written memorandum shall focus upon the overall skill development of students and chisel them into worthy professionals. The MoU coverage engulfs students with fine digital marketing industry knowledge, leadership skills, digital media enhancements, and comprehensive growth developments in the digital marketing field.

iVIPANAN hails as a pioneer of digital marketing services in Southern Gujarat. With a knack for inspiring students and creating a mark upon youth individuals, iVIPANAN has strived towards collective growth. The never-ending, industry thought-leadership propaganda by Bhautik Sheth, has made individuals from all spheres flock towards him for guidance. His marketing innovations and communication models have met the cause of new-age entrepreneurs as well as that of established multinational business tycoons.

It is the 4th academic MoU signed by the agency. The other three MoUs signed are with S.R.Luthra Institute of Management, Vanita Vishram, and Bhagwan Mahavir Management College (BMU), all headquartered in Surat.

Khirod Dalpati, placement officer at METAS said, “We are proud to get connected as a partner with iVIPANAN which is changing the lives of students and making an innovative difference in the thought process. We expect our UG & PG students to become Digital Worriers and excel in their professional lives by taking the advantage of this opportunity.”

On the MoU signed, Mr. Bhautik Sheth said, “iVIPANAN is always helping young professionals and students grow with the knowledge of digital marketing. With this MoU, we believe the students of METAS college will not only get the knowledge it will also be helpful for them to get industry insights. By guiding and supporting students at an early age, our purpose is to help and nurture the industry. We are looking forward to going well along with college management.”

Shruti Sheth, co-founder of iVIPANAN said, “Our main focus is making the youth of our Nation worthy enough to crack all professional scenarios. We shall help young minds by equipping them with the reality of the corporate world and making them fit enough to fight every challenge faced.”



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